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1060 aluminum tube round tube for refrigerator, air conditioner, automobile

Short Description:

Application: refrigerator, air conditioner, automobile, water heater

Shape: round, square

Surface treatment: polishing

Standard ASTM, ASME, EN, JIS, DIN, GB/T, etc

Dimensions outside diameter: 3-250mm/ custom

Wall thickness: 0.3-50mm/ customized

Length: 10mm-6000mm/customized

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1060 Aluminum Pipe,It Is Mainly Divided Into The Following Type

Divided by shape: square tube, round tube, pattern tube, shaped tube, global aluminum tube.

According to the extrusion method: seamless aluminum tube and ordinary extrusion tube

According to accuracy: ordinary aluminum tube and precision aluminum tube, in which precision aluminum tube generally need to be reprocessed after extrusion, such as cold drawing, fine pumping, rolling.

By thickness: ordinary aluminum tube and thin wall aluminum tube

Performance: corrosion resistance, light weight.

1060 Aluminum Pipe,Features

1060 Aluminum Pipe,It is a kind of high strength duralumin, which can be strengthened by heat treatment. It has medium plasticity in annealing, hardening and hot state, and good weldability in spot welding. It tends to form intercrystalline cracks in gas welding and argon welding. The machinability of aluminum tube is good after quenching and cold work hardening, but poor in annealing state. Corrosion resistance is not high, often using anodic oxidation treatment and paint method or surface coated with aluminum layer to improve corrosion resistance. It can also be used as a mold material.

1060 Aluminum Pipe, Advantages

One, welding technology advantages: suitable for industrial production of thin-wall copper aluminum tube welding technology, known as a world-class problem, is the key technology of air conditioner connecting tube aluminum copper.

Two, the service life advantage: from the inner wall of the aluminum tube, because the refrigerant does not contain water, the inner wall of the copper and aluminum connecting pipe will not corrode.

Three is the advantage of energy saving: the connection pipe of the indoor unit and outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the lower the heat transfer efficiency is, the more energy saving, or the better the heat insulation effect is, the more electricity saving.

Four is excellent bending performance, easy to install, move widely used in all walks of life, such as: automobile, ship, aerospace, aviation, electrical

1060 Aluminum Pipe, Appliances

Agriculture, mechanical and electrical, home furnishing, etc., aluminum tube has been everywhere in our life.

1060 Aluminum Pipe, Parameter

Item Aluminium pipe/pipes Aluminium Tube/Tubes/tubing
Material Aluminium
Grade 1000 series: 1050,1060,1070,1080,1100,1435, etc
2000 series: 2011,2014,2017,2024, etc
3000 series: 3002,3003,3104,3204,3030, etc
5000 series: 5005,5025,5040,5056,5083, etc
6000 series: 6101,6003,6061,6063,6020,6201,6262,6082, etc
7000 series: 7003,7005,7050,7075, etc
standards ASTM, ASME,EN, JIS, DIN,GB/T etc
Size Outer Diameter:3-250mm/customized
Wall Thickness: 0.3-50mm/customized
Length: 10mm -6000mm/customized
Surface treatment Mill finish,Anodized,Electrophoresis,Powder coating,Wooden grain,Sand blast
Surface colors Nature, silver, bronze, champagne, black, gloden, etc.As customized
Temper T3-T8
Moulding/Pattern 1. Using our moulds, no fee
2. Using customer drawing, opening mould, usually about 5 tons the moulding fee is free.
3. Can be diguessed.
MOQ per size 1 ton
Payment Terms TT OR LC at sight
Delivery time Within 25 days after receipt the lc or deposit


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