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EN 10219-1 Structural Hollow Sections

Short Description:

Standard: ASTM A240/A240M, ASTM A480/480M, AMS 5524, AMS 5507

Grade: 316, UNS S31600

Density: 7.98 x 103 Kg/m3

Width: 1000mm, 1200mm, 1220mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm

Length: 2438mm, 3000mm, 6000mm, 8000mm, 12000mm

Thickness: 0.3 – 50mm

Manufacturing Process: Hot Rolled/Cold Rolled

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EN 10219-1 Specification is for Cold-formed Welded Structural Hollow Sections of Non-alloy and Fine Grain Steels


Cold forming

Cold-formed hollow sections are manufactured through the continuous forming at room temperature of a steel strip passing through forming stands that progressively bend it into a circular shape. This circular shape then enters a welding stand that joins the strip edges together in a continuous longitudinal weld seam. After the welding station, the outside seam of the circular tube is removed, and the final shape (Circular, Square, Rectangular) and precise dimensions of the tube are achieved by passing it through sizing stands.

A cutting saw then divides the length of the welded tube into standard or customised lengths as required.

Weld seams are ensured via electromagnetic NDT inspection.


These products meet all of the EN 10219-1 standard requirements.



Type: Cold-fromed (ERW)


Circular Hollow Section:

OD: 21.3-1219mm WT: 2-30mm


Square Hollow Section:

OD: 20 X 20 - 400 X 400mm WT: 2-40mm


Rectangular Hollow Section:

OD: 40 X 20 - 400 X 300mm WT: 2-16mm


EN 10219-1 S235/S275/S355 Chemical Analysis:

Steel grade Type of de-oxidation a % by mass, maximum
Steel name Steel number C C Si Mn P S Nb
S235JRH 1.0039 FF 0,17 1,40 0,040 0,040 0.009
S275J0H 1.0149 FF 0,20 1,50 0,035 0,035 0,009
S275J2H 1.0138 FF 0,20 1,50 0,030 0,030
S355J0H 1.0547 FF 0,22 0,55 1,60 0,035 0,035 0,009
S355J2H 1.0576 FF 0,22 0,55 1,60 0,030 0,030
S355K2H 1.0512 FF 0,22 0,55 1,60 0,030 0,030
a. The deoxidation method is designated as follows:

FF: Fully killed steel containing nitrogen binding elements in amounts sufficient to bind available nitrogen (e.g. min. 0,020 % total Al or 0,015 % soluble Al).

b. The maximum value for nitrogen does not apply if the chemical composition shows a minimum total Al content of 0,020 % with a minimum Al/N ratio of 2:1, or if sufficient other N-binding elements are present. The N-binding elements shall be recorded in the Inspection Document.


  • Bridges
  • Railway Station Hall Roofs
  • Airport Waiting Hall Roofs
  • Trusses
  • Bus Shelters
  • Library Roofs

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